Herdade Portocarro

More than a food brand, LOVERICE aims to change the way people see rice. By giving it an origin, it becomes immediately identifiable, thus adding value to a product that stands out from its ordinary “peers”. Claiming its origins in Herdade do Portocarro’s shallow lands, the rice produced by LOVERICE is ready to compete with the best rice varieties anywhere in the world.


LOVERICE is a brand under the “umbrella” of Herdade do Portocarro, an estate which, besides producing wine, is also dedicated to the production and commercialization of rice in the Vale do Sado region. Crossed by a stream from the Sado river, and surrounded by lush vineyards, Herdade do Portocarro includes 60 ha of rice fields which produce ca 300 tons/year of Carolino rice varieties.