O Ronaldo


RONALDO is excellent for Risottos. Its grain is uniform, with a remarkable capacity to absorb water, thus doubling its size. It tends to become sticky while being cooked, making it ideal for creamy and velvety dishes. Its grain becomes al dente inside and creamy outside. Given that it absorbs the flavour of the added ingredients, a tasty broth is recommended.

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Centauro is a timeless rice. A rice that is a variety of the Portuguese Carolino (= Japonica) but quite round. It has been widely used in Portuguese kitchens for decades. It adapts itself to traditional Portuguese dishes of fish, meat and seafood. With a consistent grain, uniform and very permeable, it can be used to cook various dishes without getting soggy, and with the inside al dente. Very versatile, it’s amazing for Paellas, Valencianas but especially for Sushi.

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Sushi, Valenciana, traditional cooking.
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O Bomba


Originated in the Mediterranean Basin and very popular in places such as Calasparra and Valencia (Spain), it is with great pride that LOVERICE introduces you to this fantastic Japonica rice, considered the best rice in the world by many Chefs. And how well it grows in our fields! Its grain, once cooked, triples in size but remains fluffy, given the balance of amilose/amilopectin. It is consistent and uniform, it does not get soggy or open. Our Bomba is small in terms of grain, but rich in terms of flavour. That is why it is recommended for the best Oven, Paella or Valenciana rice dishes.

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Oven dishes, Paella and others
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A “rice with an origin” goes through a “crystal-clear” process from the moment it is cultivated to the time when it reaches the consumer. Naturally, this implies a more demanding and responsible production method. This care and attention is translated into a high quality “selected rice” (no cracking grains) and a flavour that strongly differs from a normal rice. It is also very important in terms of food security

No, because there are other demarcated rice regions in Portugal. However, it is the first time ever that a rice complies, in a very extensive way, with consumers’ highest standards and demands, of which one is to know where products come from. Basically, what we are offering is a (gourmet) rice, grown in a property that, given its unique characteristics, allows for the rice’s unique character and exclusive taste. This makes all the difference in the world!
Additionally, in markets that are more mature gastronomically, as for example Italy, rices “with an origin” are often to be found.

Quite the contrary. Its versatility allows for a wide selection of dishes. “Selected” means that it is one variety only, without cracked rice and such. Accordingly, grains are of the same size, their cooking happens at the same time, and thus the flavour is richer and more intense.

For quick and perfect Risottos, our Ronaldo is the best option. Its grain is uniform, with a remarkable capacity to absorb water, actually doubling its size. The grain becomes al dente inside and creamy outside and cooking time is around 17-18 min.

Apart from being a rice with a distinctive flavour – a strong advantage for dishes that require high standards in their preparation – for the catering and hospitality industries it even has the benefit of allowing for a 14 min pre-cooking – and the dish can be finished later. This way, kitchen staff save time while the dishes quality and full flavour remain untouched.

Cooking time varies depending on the type of rice and the type of dish that is going to be prepared. For Ronaldo and Bomba, for instance, the ideal cooking time is 17-18 min. With Centauro, please consider 16 min