Once upon a time there was LOVERICE, a rice “with a n origin” and a story that is revealed grain by grain. Alcácer do Sal, Herdade de Portocarro. This is where it all begins. In the beginning there was a fertile ground blessed by wonderful weather
conditions … a cradle for a rice which “knows” where it comes from. In a generous rice field, LOVERICE is cherished by those who cultivate the love and respect for the land and its fruits. And so this rice grows in a sustainable way, genuine and authentic, growing into a splendid produce. A rice proud of its roots and of the land that sees it grow – because this is where the aroma and taste, so characteristic of the rice’s personality, comes from. Without artífices but lots of character, LOVERICE is a real rice.


– It is a rice that IS pure nourishment, not just a mere commodity;
– A produce which owns a distinctive identity and personality;
– A rice with a unique flavour, harvested in the fields where it grew. This distinctive factor is the basis for its added value.
– A rice with a DNA based on sustainability, authenticity and transparency throughout its production process.
– Finally, a food that assumes a commitment with the consumer: to provide him with a healthy diet and rich gastronomic experiences.


LOVERICE is a rice that is good for you. Its high nutritional level, makes it a produce that is healthy and should be eaten often.
“Being good for you” is growing a product in a conscientious way, acting according to the best agricultural and food practices. This concept is naturally behind the production of a “rice with an origin”, the very essence of our activity. LOVERICE is a rice which “knows” where it comes from and at the same time embraces the future; a produce concerned with the local community
wellbeing as well as future generations’. LOVERICE values are inseparable from a healthy diet and a sound lifestyle.


Would you like to know how our production process evolves?
Quiet, please, we are going to tell you a love story

Those who love, take care of their loved ones. LOVERICE is a name that embodies this spirit, the spirit in which a rice was grown. Attached to the fields that have seen it grow, LOVERICE enjoys revisiting its origins in a story that feeds our memory and always brings us back to the beginning.


Rice is one of the most important produce worldwide with an extremely high nutritional índex when compared to most foods. A research led by the Baylor College of Medicine, in the US, proved that a daily portion of rice – be it white or brown – inhibits the accumulation of fat and increases the levels of minerals such as potassium, iron and magnesium, which help balance high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Besides, its ingestion prevents diabetes, as it is rich in starch, which controls sugar in the blood.
Most celiacs have turned rice into a fundamental food in their diet, as it largely gluten free.

“We are what we eat” – this idea is over 2.500 years old and is attributed to Hippocrates, the “father” of medicine. Who also added: “May your food be your first medicine”

If we are what we eat, and if what we eat has an influence on our health and wellbeing, knowing the nutritional value of the food we eat, as well as its origin, can promote our life quality. Indeed, rice is so much part of our diet that we seldom question its origin. Until the day … until the day when we eat LOVERICE and taste the origin of a “true” rice: the richness of the rice fields that confer it unique features, the production’s authenticity, the confidence we gain from knowing where this food comes from. From this day on, there will be two ways of looking at rice: a) a plain, industrial rice, with a pleasant yet undifferenciated flavour; and LOVERICE, a rice with a “plus” that adds value to our quality of life and ideas for delicious and nutritious recipes. This is the essence of LOVERICE.